The Top 6 Best Apps for Back Pain on Android!

If chronic back pain plagues your life, your sleep, and stunts your lifestyle,  you need some quick, simple solutions for pain management. Android smartphone users have several options for using apps to relieve and manage back pain. The following will discuss the top 6 best apps for back pain on Android – Manage My Pain Lite The Manage My Pain app […]

iPhone vs Android – Which is More Secure?

Security isn’t the main thing the clear majority consider when they begin looking for a cell phone. We mind significantly more about applications, usability, cost—and that used to be correct. In any case, now that the clear majority have gigantic measures of individual information on their phones, security is more essential than any other time […]

How Hackers Exploit Android Vulnerability!

Among the numerous Android vulnerabilities fixed by Google this December is one that enables hackers to alter applications without influencing their marks. The Risk “In spite of the fact that Android applications are self-marked, signature confirmation is imperative when refreshing Android applications. At the point when the client downloads a refresh of an application, the […]

How to Start Your Own Game Development Company!

Starting an independent gaming company can be a profitable venture. However, like any other business, it takes careful planning. Here are some tips on how to get started with your own gaming business: Don’t quit your job. Although you may be tempted to quit your job so that you can focus solely on getting your […]

10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android to Stay in Touch with FnF!

As mobile data network service becomes faster with new 3G & 4G technology, more and more people using their mobile device to video chat. Most of the new smartphone now feature a top-notch front-facing camera, and with the blazing fast internet connection, it’s easy to communicate face to face with your mobile devices. There are […]

The Best AppLock for Android to Keep Information Private!

Smart Phones are no longer a simple handset by which we can call someone or can send text messages to someone; rather it is an accumulation of handset, digital diary, bridge to the internet, entertainment source etc. For many purposes, we have installed so many applications on our smartphone that we cannot even remember them until we […]

A Complete FRP Guide: What Android Users Must Know!

Have you heard about the FRP before? If not, then this article might help you out! It’s a security technique, which is developed and designed to protect your Android security if it’s lost or stolen. Factory Reset Protection secures your phone in a way that no one can remove and factory-reset your device without your […]

5 Reasons My PostCard App is the Best!

My PostCard is an app that lets you send the photos as a postcard that you have clicked with your loved ones and which are available with you virtually on your Phone, Laptop, Ipad, iPhone, or any other digital device. These days what happens is, most of the people use email, WhatsApp, and similar platforms to share photos. […]

VidMate – Stream and Download Videos at Ease!

VidMate is a software application which can used for downloading internet videos to your smartphones. In short, it is a FREE video downloader app. It lets you download videos from various websites. There are ranges of choices for downloading, through which users can get their favorite videos. The app will collect links from various hosting sites and […]