Top 5 Black Friday Apps To NOT Miss This Year [2019]

Black Friday started much earlier than people may think. The day after Thanksgiving has been the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season since the late 19th century when President Abraham Lincoln designated the Thanksgiving holiday as the last Thursday in November. Each year the famous sales weekend, which follows Thanksgiving Day and begins on November […]

The 5 Best Comic and Anime Apps for Super Hero Fans!

We can do virtually everything on our smartphone and tablet devices these days, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. The world of comics, cartoons, and anime culture is enormously famous and always evolving. For instance, rather than requiring a physical comic book in your hand, comics are now available digitally instead. Also, some folk enjoys […]

Create Your Own MEME – Best Meme Generators for Android!

For anyone frequently using the Internet, it’s virtually difficult to be unaware of memes. Meme culture seems to have taken over the world and they are regularly discovered popping up over Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking feed. Many are humorous ways of representing an idea, so memes have turned into a well-known method for […]

4 Best Twitch Alternatives for Gamers!

If you’re looking for a twitch alternative to showcase and stream your gaming prowess, these could be ideal. Beam (Mixer) Beam is considered one of the best alternatives to Twitch. This is because it offers a compelling user interface with interactive live streaming. The other good thing with twitch is that broadcasters can broadcast to an […]

Top Best Apps for Instagram Editing on Android!

Android users rejoice! You can turn your mediocre images into creative and professional-looking Instagram-friendly images with image editing apps. The following will cover the 8 of the top-rated, best apps for Instagram editing on Android devices – VSCO Cam VSCO Cam is available on Android and allows you to create better images for your Instagram account. It provides various […]

The Top 6 Best Apps for Back Pain on Android!

If chronic back pain plagues your life, your sleep, and stunts your lifestyle,  you need some quick, simple solutions for pain management. Android smartphone users have several options for using apps to relieve and manage back pain. The following will discuss the top 6 best apps for back pain on Android – Manage My Pain Lite The Manage My Pain app […]

iPhone vs Android – Which is More Secure?

Security isn’t the main thing the clear majority consider when they begin looking for a cell phone. We mind significantly more about applications, usability, cost—and that used to be correct. In any case, now that the clear majority have gigantic measures of individual information on their phones, security is more essential than any other time […]

How Hackers Exploit Android Vulnerability!

Among the numerous Android vulnerabilities fixed by Google this December is one that enables hackers to alter applications without influencing their marks. The Risk “In spite of the fact that Android applications are self-marked, signature confirmation is imperative when refreshing Android applications. At the point when the client downloads a refresh of an application, the […]