10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android to Stay in Touch with FnF!

10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android to Stay in Touch with FnF!

10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android to Stay in Touch with FnF

As mobile data network service becomes faster with new 3G & 4G technology, more and more people using their mobile device to video chat. Most of the new smartphone now feature a top-notch front-facing camera, and with the blazing fast internet connection, it’s easy to communicate face to face with your mobile devices. There are plenty of services available around, but we are looking for some very Best Video Conferencing Apps.

The world is becoming smaller these days, mainly due to the ease of communication compared to days gone by. As well as instantly calling, texting, or emailing someone on a mobile device, video chatting is increasingly used to stay in touch. Video chat via your smartphone or tablet makes it easier to contact friends, family, and business associates.

Whereas Apple’s iOS devices use FaceTime video chat, there are plenty of Android third-party alternatives for smartphone and tablet users available at the Google Play Store. Some of these might not be quite as polished as FaceTime, and while the choice is large, there is a smaller number that offers the reliability, features, and more that many are looking for. That’s why we’ve whittled some of the best video calling apps. These are well-known and reputable apps that all offer an easy way to communicate via video calling.

10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android

1. IMO FREE Video Calls & Chat (FREE)

Last but definitely not least is lesser-known app IMO. It might not have all the bells and whistles of some other voice chat apps and does include some advertising. However, it could be a good option if you don’t have one of the best connections, as it’s compatible with free video calls as well as voice calls on 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks as well as Wi-Fi. Group video calling is available, and the app features encrypted chats, free stickers, photo and video sharing and more.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

2. WeChat (FREE)

If you’re really not into Facebook and prefer to use WeChat, then this app could be the sensible pick for you. WeChat is fast increasing its user base, and this app like many of the others offers video chat as well as text and voice calls. Group video calls can be made with up to 9 people, and features include hundreds of animated stickers, a personal photo stream to share your favorite moments, and ‘Friend Radar,’ ‘People Nearby’ and ‘Shake features for meeting new friends. The app supports 20 different languages and is the only messaging app to have TRUSTe certification to ensure your privacy.

Although this is a FREE app, there are low charges for calling landlines and mobiles, and this is enabled through in-app purchases, as well as custom notifications and custom wallpapers.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

3. WhatsApp Messenger (FREE)

WhatsApp is now run by Facebook and originated as a messaging text service. Progressions have steadily been introduced, and now WhatsApp offers video chat as well as voice calling. The video calling service is usually reliable, and an active user base of more than one billion surely can’t be wrong! There are no charges or subscription fees with this app, which uses the Internet connection of your Android device, either on WiFi, 4G, 3G, 2G, or EDGE, rather than the voice minutes of your cellular plan.

The multimedia feature allows users to send and receive documents, photos, videos and voice messages, and you can contact those you love (or those you don’t) with WhatsApp Calling wherever they are in the world. The app works with your phone, just the same as with SMS, so there are no usernames or PINS to remember.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

4. ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice (FREE)

The ooVoo app is one of the more recent video chat apps for Android and won a Mobile Excellence Award in 2016 for offering the best social community. It includes free video chat for one-to-one calls or groups of up to 12, free voice calls, and in-app messaging for sending text, pictures, GIFs, and videos, even while on a video call. Features include free avatar characters as well as masks, one-touch calling, and the ooVoo Store so you can try on costumes and buy further avatars.

Like many video chat apps, you won’t need to be concerned about whether your contact is using a mobile device or a computer as the app offers cross-device support. Two of the highlights of this app are its SuperClear patented technology that can adjust connection speed and high-quality audio through the use of echo cancellation. The app is FREE, but in-app purchases are available to increase your storage space on the servers or avoid ads.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

5. Google Hangouts (FREE)

This is another option for free video chat via mobile networks or Wi-Fi, either with one other user or for group calls of up to 10 people. The simple-to-use cross-platform messaging app is connected with your Google ID, so it’s easy to connect with email friends. The app supports status messages, emojis, animated GIFs, videos, photos, and maps, and you can also message your contacts when they are offline. A further option is to call any phone number across the world, and this is free to other Hangouts users.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

6. Viber Messenger (FREE)

This app began with voice calling and messaging aimed at mobile devices and developed into a live video chat service. It has a streamlined and user-friendly design, and using the app it’s completely free to text, voice, or face-to-face video call with another Viber user. Extra features include unique emojis and emoticons, games, and hidden chats. It also enables syncing with your contacts, the option to send photos and videos, and support for group calls. A further option is free international calling, which can be activated just by entering your phone number with no need for login information or a username.

The app was recently updated, and one of the improvements is with the online status feature so that you can see when your contacts last used Viber. The security aspect of the app automatically encrypts your video and voice calls, text messages and more.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

7. Skype (FREE)

We can’t really begin our selection with anything other than Skype that was developed way back in 2003 and dominated the field for many years. Although this app is not without the odd glitch, it’s still one of the very best options for video chat. The massively popular app offers a whole slew of features with free instant message chat, voice, and video calls to anyone else using Skype.

The new group calling features means you can add up to 25 people to a group call or up to 300 in a group chat, and further features include the ability to add emoticons, photos, and location to your chat.

While Skype to Skype calls is always FREE, users can also call landlines and mobiles at a nominal rate, either with a monthly subscription or by the minute. Skype also offers integration with Microsoft and Facebook.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

8. Google Duo (FREE)

The earlier mentioned Google Hangouts app is, the better-known app and has a wider spectrum of features. However, Google’s Duo is focused on one-to-one video calling alone and is very user-friendly in this respect. It’s simple to make a video call, all you need to do first is log in and verify your number to get straight in touch and see your loved ones or business colleagues. Whether you’re using a mobile network or on Wi-Fi the app offers high-quality video, and as well as Android device users the app also works with friends who use an iOS device. One of the features is dubbed Knock Knock and offers a live preview feature so that you can see your caller before you pick up.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

9. Facebook Messenger (FREE)

This is one of the most widely used and convenient chat clients and now offers group video calls as well as one-to-ones. Some people steer away from using anything related to Facebook because of its gigantic spread across everyday life. However, it’s logical to use Messenger because the Facebook platform has such a large user base that many of them use Messenger by default. The app’s true video call function is extremely popular, and you can easily reach your Facebook contacts. That applies whether they are using the Facebook website on their browser or have the Facebook Messenger app. Again, this is a very easy-to-use choice, as you just need to tap on the contact you want to call and activate the camera using the button at the top-right.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

10. Tango (FREE)

This is a well-known Android video chat app and is FREE to use. Unlike many of the other apps in this list, this one was developed for Google’s Android OS although there are also Windows and iOS versions available. The free and straightforward app does have in-app purchases, but these are only relevant if you want to customize various options. Over 350 million people use Tango for high-quality video calling, although this time there’s no group option.

Fun can be had during your video calls with the use of filters, stickers, and games, and the app also has a social network aspect so users can follow and interact with other people that interest them, either locally or across the world.

Download the app from Google Play Store.


Any one of our 10 best video chat apps for Android should offer what you need, and if you haven’t yet got into the trend for video chatting, we hope that one of them will soon become your go-to choice. Video chat apps are constantly being improved with further features and performance optimizations, so why not stick your toe in the water and try them out, especially as they are all free to download. If you can think of any other apps of this kind to recommend to other readers, let us know by sending a comment.

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