The Top 6 Best Apps for Back Pain on Android!

The Top 6 Best Apps for Back Pain on Android!

The Top 6 Best Apps for Back Pain on Android!

If chronic back pain plagues your life, your sleep, and stunts your lifestyle,  you need some quick, simple solutions for pain management. Android smartphone users have several options for using apps to relieve and manage back pain.

The following will discuss the top 6 best apps for back pain on Android –

Manage My Pain Lite

The Manage My Pain app offers this free, Lite version, but also has a pro app with more features once you’ve tried out the free one. This allows you to track your pain and share it with your doctor and insurance company to show you are monitoring your pain. You benefit by learning more about your condition via charts, calendar views, graphs, and statistics. This Lite version keeps up to 10 records.

Posture – Be Mindful Everyday

Posture – Be Mindful Everyday is an Android app requires no external wearable devices to function. This app reminds you to straighten up your back to train you towards correct posture. Poor posture is a leading cause for chronic back pain, therefore this back pain app designed for Android is a great solution.

Healthy Spine and Straight Posture

The Healthy Spine and Straight Posture app is for Android only and is a self-explanatory app. It features exercises specifically for your back that strengthen your muscles, resulting in correcting your posture, which helps reduce chronic back pain. It comes with 40 exercises and tracks your results.

Back Pain Tips

Back Pain Tips is an Android-only app with high rating from users. It shows you five yoga poses that are effective for easing upper and lower chronic back pain. It’s a good pain management app that concentrates on the prevention and treatment of back pain.

Back Pain Relieving Exercises

An orthopaedic surgeon developed the Back Pain Relieving Exercises app to provide simple exercises that anyone with back pain can use for relief. When these simple back pain exercises are properly implemented, they can help prevent recurrent back pain.

Curable: Back Pain, Migraine & Chronic Pain Relief

The Curable: Back Pain, Migraine & Chronic Pain Relief features a customizable system, audio lessons, on-demand pain relief tools, the latest pain science, meditations, visualizations, core pain trigger identification, and brain training methods that help you “unlearn” patterns that cause pain.

While these to best 6 apps for back pain on Android are designed for back pain sufferers, consult with your physician or chiropractor before using them.

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