VidMate – Stream and Download Videos at Ease!

VidMate – Stream and Download Videos at Ease!

VidMate – Stream and Download Videos at Ease

VidMate is a software application which can used for downloading internet videos to your smartphones. In short, it is a FREE video downloader app. It lets you download videos from various websites. There are ranges of choices for downloading, through which users can get their favorite videos. The app will collect links from various hosting sites and portal sites. VidMate can pause and resume the downloads at your wish. Thus, it proves that even in the events of power shortage or accidental cancellation, your download is not lost. You can resume downloading again.

Through VidMate app, you can download HD videos and there will not be any compromises with the security. You can be assured about virus FREE or Trojan FREE download of your liked videos.

You can download multiple files simultaneously on smartphones with the usage of this app. The files which have been downloaded will be displayed in the background. The space available in the phone will be detected so that you can chose where you would like to store the videos. You can store them on the external storage or on your phone memory. Up on using this app, you can get the benefit of availability of about 50,000 high quality songs and videos. The link of the videos which will be detected by the browser and can be commenced whenever you want.

Features of VidMate

You will be assured to get the best quality video. The app allows you to stream videos and also download them. For example, you can download movies, TV shows and music videos. You can even add secondary video portals to the VidMate interface. You can also download games and other interesting apps from any site. It allows you to download multiple files very quickly. It supports various formats such as MP4, FIV, MOV, AVI, #GP, WMV, MPEG etc. Download of larger files, i.e., files greater than 1 GB can also be downloaded. IT is possible to download videos from YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo, Instagram, DailyMotion and many more. The app saves you time as well as search for videos on multiple sites with single query. This is a simple app with too many advantages.

Many websites have all the episodes of your favorite television show or have latest videos. Another benefit is that VidMate will bring to you different links so that you get the option of going to the best location for the video. As a result, you download only high quality and safe videos that will not harm your phone. Many new options keep popping up from time to time on VidMate and they can be updated to you through AndroPps.

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