5 Reasons My PostCard App is the Best!

5 Reasons My PostCard App is the Best!

5 Reasons My PostCard App is The Best

My PostCard is an app that lets you send the photos as a postcard that you have clicked with your loved ones and which are available with you virtually on your Phone, Laptop, Ipad, iPhone, or any other digital device. These days what happens is, most of the people use email, WhatsApp, and similar platforms to share photos. WhatsApp for one reduces the quality of the photos and reduces the size of the photos as well and make them more pixelated.

Advantages of Using My Post Card App

No More Virtual Memories

You can have the photos that you want to keep as memories on your shelf, on your study table, or on your table at your cubicle in the office which reminds you of the fun times with your loved ones, be it your family, your friends, your pets, etc. You don’t need to take care of your phone getting formatted or laptop getting destroyed and you losing all your memories.

No Physical Work Needed

You don’t have to physically get the photos printed and then think about the size and format of the photo so that you can fit it in the envelope as you just have to select one design from the 800 designs available with My Post Card App. Just select the design, select the photos and where to put them on the postcard and that’s it. Rest of the things are done by the app. You don’t have to go anywhere to send it.

Hassle Free Work

Sometimes when you paste the photos with the glue on the paper, you damage the paper as you are not a professional at it. My PostCard uses great quality digitally printed 300 grams thick paper or post card cardboard and then it is given a high-quality gloss lamination on the front side.

Send Anywhere Worldwide

Now you can send the postcard anywhere worldwide. You don’t have to take care of the ways to figure whether to courier it or mail it. It is all taken care of, you just have to provide us with the exact address of the recipient and rest of the things would be done without any mistake.

Reasonable Cost

You are having the option of the best and affordable price to send your postcard. You can send a postcard at $ 2.29 anywhere worldwide. You can send a greeting card as well just for the least cost of $ 3.99 anywhere worldwide. You can also order a set of postcard designs from our designs and write a greeting message and mail them yourself at just $ 11.99.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

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