Top Android Apps to Backup and Restore Phone!

Top Android Apps to Backup and Restore Phone!

Top Android Apps to Backup and Restore Phone

There are many backup applications offered in Google Play but only few are worth trying as they are easy and provide quick backup. Some of worth trying backup applications are:

My Backup Pro

It is the best and complete application offered by ReWare, the application comes with 30-day trial but if you want the application forever then you will have to pay via PayPal and get the complete and best application for 6.99$.

My Backup Pro provides the backup support for application install files. If a phone has root access, this includes the Android files (APK) and its data, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, SMS, MMS, photos, music and playlists, videos, system settings, home screen settings, alarm and calendar entries. It’s almost everything, just like updating the phone, running My Backup Pro and everything is just like the way it was. My Backup Pro saves files in its cloud storage as well as SD card and it provides support for every Android phone.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

Titanium Backup

It is rated on Google Play as the best application and is provided in two versions, standard and professional. The standard backup is provided for people who just want to back their files upon Cloud or SD card but the professional version offers advanced backup options such as multiple backups for a single application, conversion of user application into system application, scheduling of data backup as much as needed, application freezer, modification of Android ID, restoration of applications or data as needed via CWM backup or TWRP backup or ADB backup and conversion of application data to fast WAL format and backup without closing the applications. The Pro Key is provided on Google Store and you can easily download it from there.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

How to Get Different Backup Applications for Android Phones?

One can easily download different backup applications for the Android phones from different websites over the internet but it is recommended to get different applications from Google as one can get updated and error FREE application from there. It should be checked while downloading different applications that one downloading it from a reliable platform. Specifications of the Android phone should also be checked while downloading different backup applications as it will install on the Android phone without any problem.

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