GIVEAWAY: FREE Bitcoin Every 24 Hours!

GIVEAWAY: FREE Bitcoin Every 24 Hours!

This year we are celebrating our 9 Years of Glorious Journey as an Alternative APK Store. So we have decided to arrange a GIVEAWAY for our visitors!

Just submit your FaucetPay Email Address and get 10 Satoshi directly to your FaucetPay wallet within 6 hours.

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    *This GIVEAWAY will be applicable every 24 hours per visitor.

    Payment Proof

    FaucetPay UserAmount TransferredDate
    Sergej750.00001330 BCH5th March, 2022
    Shahbaz17180.00001289 BCH8th February, 2022
    Anatolij 198317050.00001301 BCH12th February, 2022
    Anatolij 198317050.00001272 BCH13th February, 2022
    Anatolij 198317050.00001280 BCH15th February, 2022