Hexlock : How to Lock Specific Apps and Photos on Your Android Device to Protect Your Privacy !

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AndroPps.comIf you have an Android phone or tablet, you probably use a screen lock to protect what is inside of your device. However, if you lend your phone to someone – a co-worker, a friend, or even a family member – how can you protect your privacy and prevent them from accessing your specific apps, personal information, photos and videos that you would rather keep private?

There is an easy and free way to add extra security to your mobile device using Hexlock – an easy-to-use app lock for Android.

Hexlock is a 100% FREE app locker that protects privacy and secures apps with a password to prevent unauthorized access. You can create up to six unique profiles to cover every situation and activate them automatically when connected to a known Wi-Fi. It also has a feature called Media Vault that lets you protect their photos and videos in a locked private file.

Hexloxk : How to Lock Specific Apps and Photos on Your Android Device to Protect Your Privacy !

Hexlock has many features that makes it the best app lock for Android :

  • App Locker – You can lock specific apps with with PIN, a pattern protection or even using fingerprint for the ultimate app protection.
  • Up to 6 Separate Profiles for Shared Device – You can create 6 different profiles : Work, Home, Party, Parental, School, and Cafe. With these distinct profiles, you can encrypt your device where ever you are and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Automatic Lock based on Network or Locations – Hexlock can be set to activate app lock profiles automatically when you are connected to a known Wi-Fi network. For example, your Work profile can activate automatically when your device connects to your office Wi-Fi network.
  • Hide Photos, Videos and Files – The Media Vault lets you hide specific photos, videos, and files in a safe, password protected place.
  • Uninstall Prevention – The feature is truly great. It prevents others from uninstalling it and accessing your locked apps or media files!
  • Customizable Lock Screen – The app lets you customize the lock screen background.
  • Parental Control – Hexlock is a great way to up your app security and prevent children from making in-app purchases or changing your personal settings when they play games on your device.

With Hexlock, you can share your device with friends, be confident your work-related apps are secure, and lend your device to a colleague with the peace of mind that your personal apps like Whatsapp and Facebook are secured with a password.

It’s time to take control of your privacy and maintain your confidentiality.

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