Download NetEase Cloud Music – Free Chinese Music App for Android (Version 4.3.4)

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Download Button AndroPpsNetEase Cloud Music is one of the most popular music apps in China which is well known for it’s music discovery and sharing features. It is something like a FREE Chinese Spotify that gives unlimited access to almost any Chinese song you can imagine. The app is designed mainly for people in China, but you can still use it to find almost all the big-name international musicians. From Die Antwoord to Nicki Minaj, from Madonna to the Beatles, you can find almost any song you want. NetEase Cloud Music allows you to stream the songs by tapping on them or to download them to keep them on your Android device.

Features of NetEase Cloud Music:

  • 300 million user recommendations.
  • Ten million music library.
  • Wonderful song list.
  • CD sound quality.
  • David Tao, Yu Quan and other one thousand stars have been settled.
  • Dynamic music community.
  • And many more…

Additional Information:

Offered By: Hangzhou Netease cloud music Technology Co., Ltd.

File Format: APK

Size: 40.9M

Current Version: 4.3.4

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