Android Game Review: Neon Flap

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Google Play Store - AndroPpsNeon Flap is the latest viral Casual Arcade craze taking over the app stores! With over 20,000 re skins of Flappy Bird, why did this game bring in a new boom to the market? Because it’s not a re skin. Loaded with features no one’s ever seen, this isn’t your average Crappy Flappy!

Android Game Review: Neon Flap

At first, you think it’s just going to be a dull flapping game, but as soon as you open it, you realize it’s packed with features that take you on a new adventure.

Seeing the same style of pipes gets boring after a while, but Neon Flap’s loads of different level combinations never leaves you bored! Split pipes, pipes going up and down, spinning spikes trying to chop you up, and so many power ups, each time you play something new happens!

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You just tap to make your bird flap its wings and control it to get the highest score, but beware! It’s a lot harder than you think! Even through its simple art style and gameplay, it’s easily one of the most addictive games we’ve played!

Features of Neon Flap

  • Geometry style art and retro SFX, beautiful gameplay!
  • Bullet-time slow mo action- move in slow motion and get your bird through the difficult pipes!
  • Destroy all pipes with dynamite- Blow up enemy pipes with special power ups and fly freely!
  • Unique level design and gameplay- Moving pipes, split pipes, coins, spinning spikes, and levels you’ll never see in any Flappy Bird!
  • Many unique birds to choose from! Unlock them all!
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