Android Application Review: Tapxicon – Portable Dictionary

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Mobile applications have become a significant part of our life, such that, not a day passes and we don’t use one. There is however, a category of Android applications that doesn’t quite receive the same attention. This would be the ‘Education’ section. So when an education application is released, it would have to be something extraordinary to make its way onto your phone. Especially when that application is taking on current market giants Oxford, Collins, Merriam-Webster,, etc.

This application goes by the name Tapxicon- Portable Dictionary.

Android Application Review: Tapxicon - Portable Dictionary

Now, although there are many dictionary and English learning apps scattered across mobile application dimension, none delivers like Tapxicon; both in terms of content and use. This ease of use is its portability and serves as the x-factor over above mentioned names. It is portable because it allows you to browse words on the go, a feature not found in popular dictionary names. So now you can take your learning anywhere on your phone, whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, Tinder, etc. That’s right, even Tinder. Next time someone uses a word that you think might be an insult, Tapxicon will be there to help you out instantly.

Using the application is very simple. As you launch the application from your apps menu a panel appears at the bottom of your screen, this is the search bar. Accompanying the search bar is a notification panel which acts as a controller.

Android Application Review: Tapxicon - Portable Dictionary

The controller allows you to hide or show via the toggle button and permanently close via the close button (duh!). Information related to the application functions can be found on the app’s main page, as well as information about the company and the various APIs used in its production.

There are three functions this application can perform:

  1. Dictionary Search
  2. Verb Conjugation
  3. Part of Speech Tagger


For the dictionary, it not only gives you the standard information (part of speech, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, etc.), but also the:

  • Hierarchical information of the word such as:
    • Type – ammunition is a type of weaponry
    • Part of – bonnet is a part of a car
    • Substance– water is a substance of perspiration.
  • Derivation of a word– useful because learning the root word helps with improving your English.

In a way, the app doesn’t just show you the word, it teaches it to you.

Verb Conjugation

To use this feature, the user types any ‘verb’ and hits enter, or the user can swipe right from the dictionary tab as both features (dictionary and conjugation) are loaded simultaneously. The results are shown in great detail as they are divided in to four categories.

  1. Indicative
  2. Subjunctive
  3. Conditional
  4. Imperative.

Each category has many examples, so the user can really cement their understanding.

The conjugation feature is still in its testing phase as mentioned by the developers, so you are able to input words that are not verbs and get results.

Part of Speech Tagger

This next feature is another unique aspect to this application, such that I have yet to come across an app with it. Once again, simple to use as the user has to only type in a sentence and instantly receive the part of speech for each word in that sentence. Very handy as part of speech make up the very fundamentals of the English language.

Well, this is it. This is Tapxicon. One of its kind, a great little tool, one that I will surely keep on my mobile phone because of its unlimited potential. Download today and give it a go!

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