Android Application Review: RingABell – Share Reminders

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How often does a mother wish to wake up his son in the morning with her voice who is studying in a distant country?

How many times you text your husband to remind him to buy groceries on the way back home?

Do you get irritated to text or call each of your friends to remind them to be ready for the weekend game?

Or do you often forget to take your medicines on time?

Does it Ring a Bell to you?

Google Play Store - AndroPpsRingABell lets you set FREE reminders to your friends phone that rings off at the time specified by you and reminds the other person to complete the task. Simply add a Reminder with a title, date, and time, and Reminder will be sent using push notification to the selected contact at the date and time you specify. Now no need to call or text others to complete the tasks. Just RingABell !

Features of RingABell

  • Send text, voice or group reminders to your friends.
  • Get notified instantly if your friend accepts or rejects the reminder.
  • You can also update any sent reminder.
  • Get response from the receiver for your sent reminder.
  • Set multiple event alerts to remind to take medicines.
  • Calendar to list all scheduled tasks with details of incoming and outgoing reminders.
  • A whole new Reward points system. Each user gets rewarded when he shares a reminder.
  • Of course you have the option to set the reminder to yourself too!
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